How do you clean my vehicle?

At Water Works we use the latest equipment software and chemicals to provide a superior car cleaning experience. Our friendly employees spray the car off at the entrance to the tunnel and clean the areas of your vehicle that are hard for the equipment to reach. We pride ourselves on our ability to watch out for the bugs, bird droppings and other unusual deposits that land on your car that simply require elbow grease.

What is a clear coat protectant and why do I need that?

The paint on your car is only thousandths of an inch thick. The clear coat is a transparent finish applied by the manufacturer that goes on top of the paint. This clear coat gives a car its luster and shine while protecting the paint beneath it from UV damage. A clear coat protectant adds a silicone layer that protects the clear coat from aging and fading with exposure to the sun and elements. This protection can increase the resale value of your vehicle and preserve its shiny, new appearance.

What vehicles can you wash?

We can wash any vehicle under 84” in height and has a bottom clearance of 5”. The tires must be no wider than 12”. Also, the track design does not allow dual rear tires (duallies).