Three reasons to join the Unlimited Wash Program

March 20, 2020


What is keeping your car truck or SUV dirty? Are you afraid that you'll wash it and it will rain the next day? Are you the person that makes it rain by washing your car? Leave that worry behind. As an unlimited washer, you pay one monthly price and you wash when you want. 20% chance of rain? Who cares! If it does, run through again at no extra charge!


The wash program is priced to be less than the cost of three washes. If you wash once a week, you are saving 25% off the regular price. The price per wash is up top you!


It's a busy world. You've got things to do. The sticker on your windshield will let us know what wash you want and allow you to get in and out quickly and cleanly. The plan will automatically recharge after 30 days and can be changed or cancelled at any time.